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Zanolli Citizen Gas Pizza Ovens
This range of high quality, heavy duty pizza ovens come in two sizes. They have a solid stainless steel construction.

The NEW VERSION Citizen 6 (sometimes referred to as G6) fits 6×12” pizzas in pans on each deck and the Citizen 9 (G9) fits 9×12” pizzas in pans.

The decks are modular, so can be purchased as a single unit or can be stacked.

The baking floor and ceiling of the oven chambers is a special refractory stone material to enable heat diffusion and aid minimum recovery time. Pizzas can be baked directly on the oven sole or in pans.

Spring mounted doors for easy access are equipped with athermic handles and a large viewing window, combined with an internal light to help monitor cooking.

Heavy duty stand and prover cabinets, both with wheels are available to mount these ovens on.

A decorative hood with a draft chimney is available for the top.


Fimar FES 6+6 Electric Pizza Oven
With each deck able to hold 6 x 12” pizzas (in pans), this robust oven is great for a pizzeria that needs a slightly higher than average output.

Bake in pans or on the stone, available in single phase or 3 phase, comes with a stand if needed, this substantial pizza baker will provide a great service to a busy kitchen.

Two completely independent decks, both with top and bottom heat control thermostats.
Viewing window and internal light.
Display thermometer for each deck.
Refractory stone floor for baking in pans or directly on the sole.
99.5cm x 66cm baking area per deck. Each deck fits 6 x 12” pizza in pans
Stainless steel oven front for lasting good looks
Stand available.

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Universal Planetary Food Mixers
These sturdy machines are used by chefs and bakers for mixing a wide range of products, including:

Bread and pizza dough
Meat and kebab mix
Cookie and biscuit dough
Cake and sponge mix
Whipped cream and meringue
Creamed potatoes
All mixers are supplied with a stainless steel bowl and set of tools including a dough hook, beater blade and wire whisk.

3 speed gear box gives you the versatility to do various mixing jobs.

Safety switches on bowl guards and bowl lift ensure user safety.

Emergency stop button also fitted.

Models M20A & TS 240 are supplied single phase supply, models TS60S & TS690 are supplied 3 phase supply.


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